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Clearly, significant amounts of people have seen objects that cannot be identified. So, unidentified aerial phenomena “exist”. We seek a scientific explanation that this aerial phenomena is/are “real” or can/could be explained and/or identified. But potential explanations cover a wide array of possibilities.

Our civilization’s best estimates indicate that the size of our Universe is ~93 billion light years in diameter. Surely, the vastness of our Universe contains intelligent life.
So, what is the likelihood that our space and our time are experiencing more than one form of intelligent life?

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August 2, 2019
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Just because a claim seems fanciful does not mean that it is not worthy of investigation.

The first radio broadcast in America occurred in 1906. So, if those early radio waves were powerful enough to escape into the vacuum of space, then those original radio broadcasts would have reached galaxies of ~100 light years away. Could there be intelligent life somewhere between Earth and 100 light years away?

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August 2, 2019

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