The Beginning of Everything

ExistentialQuestions.com is a blog that discusses the nature of our existence and consciousness. We contemplate Energy and Consciousness, Present Reality, The Beginning of Everything and What if?

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As we contemplate our own reality one of the first questions to consider is what was there before the Big Bang.
Let us start with the notion that space and time are real and they exist inherently and regardless of our human consciousness.

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Let us consider a thought experiment. As we look out amongst the stars we are seeing the universe as it used to be. The light from many of the stars that we can observe left their “place” so long ago that by the “time” their light reaches us the…

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As our consciousness began to flourish we humans began to create concepts. This began with elementary principles such as off and on, up and down and so on. Most of these early concepts were observable, practical and based upon rational thought.

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